Lil bugaboo and I enjoying some makeup play! Reiks and I found these tiny stickers in her Frozen colouring book and I immediately decided they were getting re-purposed for something interesting. *Side note* When will this Frozen FASINATION END. Kill me now…sidetracked….*ahem*…sorry…

Queen Reiko and I have been having a lot of discussions about beauty. What it means to be admirable and what qualities ‘equate’ to beauty. As a five year old we’re so blessed her perspective of beauty is so inclusive. She sees it in endless variety, and abundant form.


What started as ‘fun with mom’ has ended up being such a great tool for teaching her acceptance, and exploration. For her it isn’t ‘odd’ to see mom with blue eyebrows or painted tribal lines. At her age, I was wrapping my head with my bath towel and admirably pretending to stroke my Casucasian hair. I was searching for beauty elsewhere, I didn’t view it as something to be pulled from within that shines outward. She, on the other hand, sees makeup as a tool for experimentation, and the face as a canvas. Makeup as art, and not a vehicle to ‘cover’ flaws.

*Ugh* such a proud moms…




I cant help but wonder what the hell these children of the Millenials will go on to accomplish. Light years ahead of us me at her age, confidence for days and access to endless information. I can’t even imagine how gassed up I would have been to see such a vast variety of black beauty represented as there is today. Not to mention TWO of her Aunties (hiii Keebs, Yagga Rilez) are already gracing magazines and being posted on Billboards…

No matter what she goes on to experience in this life, she’ll always know her madd hatter of a mother will encourage her that EVERYTHING is possible and beauty standards are something you create for yourself. No one can decide your beauty because it’s not up to anyone else to define.



As women of color, it’s on us to encourage the little ones to embrace their werirdness and walk tall in whatever ways make them unique. We can’t be out here repeating history. It’s literally OUR JOB to carry the torch forward.

In what ways do you encourage the little ones in your community to embrace their power? Any girl gang tips you want to share?




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